Thursday, December 30, 2010

Make Ur Beats Easy Online

"How do you make ur beats online"?

To learn how to make your own beats online click here

The question above was from a text sent by a Rapper named 'Ms. Hottness'.

Ms. Hottness said, "I want to make my own beats. I have a song in my head and I want to hear if the music will work with the lyrics."

As a Music Producer, there is one product that I recommend to anyone who wants to make a beat. That program is Sonic Producer. Sonic Producer has been on the market for over 3 years now.

This beat-making software has satisfied the urge of people who dream of getting their Music out of their heads an into the speakers of listeners.

Sonic Producer allows you to make a beat without having any experience creating music. This software comes with step-by-step instructions that allow you to create and save your music as an Mp3. Sonic Producer is perfect for the beginner or professional producer.

So, if you want to make beats, become a music producer, or are looking for an on-line sequencer feel free to check out Sonic Producer.

If you have any opinions of this software or have questions about it please feel free to leave a comment below.

*Promotion Services LLC is an affiliate of Sonic Producer.

"How do u make ur beats online?"

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Saturday, December 18, 2010

How to Succeed in the Music Industry

A few years ago, I had the once in a life-time experience of meeting Eric Benet. If you haven't heard of Eric Benet, it's because you do not listen to R&B Music. That's ok.

Even if you don't know Eric Benet, know one thing. He is a success in today's music biz.

I had the pleasure of recording Eric Benet back in 2005. I was the Creative Services Director at Start 94.5 FM and he stopped by to promote his song I "Wanna Be Loved".

How to Succeed in music like Eric Benet

First, Eric is a P.I.M.P. Professional in Music Promotion. Eric Benet didn't show up unannounced. He personally reached out to the powers that be at the Radio Station and requested an appearance.
 Eric Benet showed up on time and as planned, and did a planned interview on-air. Then as Eric walked toward the Production Studio, at least 20 of his fans were waiting. He had been invited to meet and greet the soulful singer at the Radio Station.

Eric gave hugs to the women (some with tears in the eyes) and gave the men a fist-pound. Behind his pleasant attitude I could see Eric Benet was there to sell more records. He had a professionals attitude which is a major key to success.

Don't Hesitate to Display Your Talent

Once in the Production Studio, I asked Eric to sing a couple of bars of "I Wanna Be Loved". Eric immediately, broke into the song with no hesitation. I was impressed because he did not hesitate to display his talent.

Check out the video below to see Eric Benet recording his 2010 R&B hit, "Sometimes I Cry".


Music Promotion is all about displaying talent. The goal is to sell more music. A Music Professional, when given the chance will not hesitate to take the opportunity to display their talent.
Learn the Tricks of the Music Trade
"It takes a great student to become a master"
I realized early on in my Marketing Career, that to become a master, I had to first be a great student. I tell anyone who asks me, "how do I succeed in music", to become a student of the business first.

As in any business, there are tricks, tips and techniques that every upcoming recording artists needs to know to reach the success they desire. One of those is knowing when to accept helpful advice. A great student is humble enough to realize that there are things they don't.

Most importantly, a great student knows and uses only the things that do work (for example getting radio airplay like Eric Benet).

Above are a few starter tips to succeed in today's Music Industry. To stay updated on the latest tips, join Today's Music Biz on Facebook.

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Sunday, December 12, 2010

3 Mistakes Every Up and Coming Music Artist Should Avoid

Are you a an up and coming Music Artist?

If so, here are the top 3 mistakes that I've seen stop up and coming Music Artists in their tracks.

1. Disbelief

In the Music Biz, "if you don't believe in your Music, no one else will" . That's what music teacher Mark Bartomeli, of the Jacksonville Music Academy is quoted to have said. You have to believe in your talent and abilities as an up and coming Music Artist. If you are over 30 years old and have been dreaming of being a success in the Music Business for years, you should keep believing. If you are a under 30 years old hold on to your belief in yourself as the days go by. Disbelief is a mistake that is easily avoided by believing in yourself.

2. Inaction 

Inaction means no activity for a long time. Inaction is a mistake that we've seen a lot of would-be great musicians make. In the Music Biz, inaction occurs when the talent won't take the next step. For example, I recently heard a song that I knew could be a hit. The problem was the artist had not taken the step to copyright the single so the song had not been legally protected. I asked the Songwriter, "did you copyright that song?"

The Songwriter replied "I haven't got around to it". This person was shopping the single to a Major Artist on a Major Record Label but had not taken the step to protect his opportunity to succeed in the Music Biz. I encourage you not to make the mistake of being inactive - especially when it comes to taking the next step. The simple cure for inaction is action.

3. Fear of Failure and Success

Every entrepreneur (including myself) has some fears. But we can not afford the mistake of fearing failure. But most importantly, we can not fear success. As a successful person you will feel resentment, hate, envy, and disbelief from friends, foes, and competitors. You will have people you barley knew - or, ones who never liked you before, acting as if you owe them something for your success. Unfortunately, there is no cure for the problems that come with success. The good thing is, if you are a success there is no reason to fear failure.

What mistakes can you think of? Feel free to share any Music Biz Mistakes you can think of below.

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Monday, December 06, 2010

Music Biz Secret: 5 Ways Anthems Never Fail

Fergie, lead female vocalist for The Black Eyed Peas was recently named Billboards Women of the Year for 2010. What was one of Fergie’s secrets to success? Fergie and her fellow musicians “The Pea’s” are perfect examples of using anthems to stay on top. “Where Is The Love?” was The Peas first major hit. I don’t know if I’d call it inspirational but it did make you think. The people loved it. It landed at #8 on the Billboard Top 100.

Have you ever been at concert and the crowd was chanting to the music?

Through the years all great causes have had songs to create and maintain movement. From the Civil Rights movement to We Will Rock You, Anthems work! Even if your cause is self promotion. Why? Because…

Music Unites People.

How do you write an anthem to unite and inspire or even to Rock? Well, Today’s Music Biz Team has broken Anthems down into 5 categories. Each one of them has brought various artists success in their music career.

Party Anthems and Dance Moves – Music created to move the crowd. The Twist, da Butt, Soulja Boy…need I say more. Also any shuffle works to move the crowd and cross social boundaries.

Inspirational - Songs that people connect with that make them feel inspired where ever they are in their life or that moves them in some way. As I mentioned above, The Peas charted with one. “I’ve Got a Feeling” is another good one. Every genre is full of inspirational songs.

Supporting a larger cause – We’ve seen this more this type of Anthem more this year than ever. Artist came out and wrote songs to causes close to their hearts. To help Haiti., of the Black Eyed Pea remixed The Who’s song “My Generation”. Artists came together to re-create “We Are The World” for New Orleans. Country Musicians were on the forefront of The Tennessee flood. We continue to hear songs from the past, some even passed down through generations, songs that support great causes.

Break up anthems – This type of anthem touches people personally. There are songs about the pain and never getting over you, but many successful songs are about moving on and kickin’ the ex to the curb. Beyonce with “Irreplaceable”, Number 1 and 3x Platinum. Carrie Underwood’s “Before He Cheats”, Number 1 and 3x Platinum. Cee Lo Greene is already nominated for a Grammy for his hit song "Forget You!"

Your name (or a derivative of) - “Fergalicious” featuring topped the charts at #2. Fergie’s album The Dutchess went 2x Platinum in the US. I have to mention Soulja Boy again here because he practically succeeded in becoming a house hold name.

It’s about Unification. Music unites people and Anthems are proven to be successful.

What great Anthems do you love? What are your memories associated with them? Leave a comment below and tell us.

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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Music Business Secret:

The great writer Miguel De Cervantes once wrote, "It is one thing to praise discipline, and another to submit to it."

The only thing that separates winners in the Music Business from the losers is self-discipline. Self-discipline is a Music Business Secret that you should fear ignoring.

Discipline can be thought of as a branch of knowledge. Self discipline can be thought of as "knowledge of yourself". For example, It's important to know how you will perform in various areas of the Music Business.

Right now, there is singer, musician, producer ("talent") looking for work. No doubt this talent is gifted in their musical craft. You and I may not heard of them because they are painfully shy. The problem is this talent does not have the self-discipline to know they are painfully shy.

Travie McCoy sang, "I Wanna Be A Billionaire - So Freakin Bad." If I had a dollar for every talent without self-discipline, but with a list of excuses for why they have not succeeded in the Music Biz, I might just be a billionaire.

I won't pretend that self-discipline is easy. I won't lead you to believe that self-discipline is all it takes to succeed. I will say that self-discipline has taken average talents to the realm of Music Business Legends. I'll remind you that people with self-discipline are winners.

Finally, I'll ask you to give yourself some time to learn your strengths and weaknesses? For instance; if you are a great musician, how good are you at contract negotiations, promotions, marketing, and areas not related to playing your instrument? Having expertise in all areas of the Music Business, or having someone on your team with the knowledge that you lack, is one of the best Music Business Secrets.
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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Music Promotion: The Secrets To Getting Radio Airplay

Who Else Wants To Learn The Secrets Of Using The Power Of Radio To Sell More Music To Up To Millions Of Fan's?

I’m a 20 Year Veteran of the Radio and Records Industries in the United States. If you've ever dreamed of hearing your songs played on the Radio, now there is a powerful resource to make your dream come true.

I've had the pleasure of working on Music Promotion campaigns for Destinys Child, Janet Jackson, Prince, R. Kelly, Jay-z, Big Pun, EMINEM, 112, T.L.C., James Brown, B.B. King, Mary Mary, Mike Jones, 3/6 Mafia, Ginuwine, Busta Ryhmes, Eminem and many more.

I’ve worked for some of the most successful stations, in diverse formats like; Adult Contemporary, Country, Hip-Hop & R&B and Rock just to name a few. Working for non-commercial and commercial radio formats, I’ve witnessed the awesome power of how getting one song played on the radio can send your record sales from 0 to 100,000 almost overnight.

Before Nora Jones sold over 20 Million Copies of her Debut CD, she was an unknown Indie Artist. Nora Jones was so unheard of that her Record Label only printed 10,000 copies of her music. But her Record Label also had a secret; the knowledge of how to get Nora's Music on the Radio.

Although her second song, "don't know why" only reached number 30 on the Billboard Hot 100 song charts, this song would establish the, Indie-Jazz singer as a respected new artist. Nora Jones would go on to sell over 40 million units after releasing two albums.

Radio is the Secret to Nora Jones Selling 40 Million CD's

There are special Music Promotion resources that Nora Jones used to get her music heard on radio. Her team used these resources to promote her music at Radio Stations. The downside is that many people can not afford to pay thousands of dollars for access to these resources. In Radio Promotion Secrets, I tell you these resources, for under $100.00.

Here's the ugly truth: without radio airplay your music may never live up to it’s true potential. Without radio airplay it’s almost like your music doesn't matter to anyone else but you. The ugly truth is, the majority of people will not take you seriously until they’ve heard your music on the radio.

Without radio airplay you are missing your only realistic shot at Music Super-stardom in the Music Biz.

Why is it that so many below-average artists get played on the radio?

Remember back to a horrible song you heard on the radio? You may have said to yourself, "my songs are WAY better than that song". The fact is, those who follow the "system" get airplay. Those artist who don't follow the system don't get airplay.

That's why I've published "Radio Airplay Promotion Secrets". This easy to download eBook reveals the exact secrets on how to successfully promote your music to get your music heard on radio. Radio Promotion Secrets tells you how to get your music on the air and possibly sell millions of songs.

Would you love to hear the sound of your music on the radio?

Radio Airplay is The Best Way to Become A Music Star"
  • Once your music is played on the air, you've turned your ”Star Machine” on. Once your music is heard on radio people who doubted that you would "make it" start believing in your success.

  • Many artists have become rich and famous with only one song on the radio.
  • Radio Airplay gets you noticed by the Record Labels
  • Radio airplay brings tons of more people to your shows
  • Radio makes it possible to sell millions of your CD's
You may be wondering, "what will I get"?

When you order Radio Airplay Secrets,
first, I show you exactly how to Get your music ready for radio airplay. You wouldn't believe all the people that don't get radio airplay because they make simple mistakes like sending their material to radio stations before it's ready for airplay.

In this report, I'll show you how to package your material to send to radio stations. I'll show you how to label your CD's and how to easily mix your music down to Radio Specifications ("Spec's).

I'll show you why 98% of Artists and Band make simple mistakes that prevent them from getting airplay and exactly what to do step-by-step to get your music on the Radio.

Second, you'll quickly understand how on-air radio works. This report will tell you how to connect with key people at radio stations, and how to influence them to play your music.

Third, you'll learn how to find the stations that will play your music. Too many Artist send music to the wrong Radio Stations hoping that the station will play an unrecognized talent. This is a dream. The reality is you have to choose your stations wisely.

You'll learn how to avoid the mistake of sending your music to the wrong stations.

Bonus in section three, you'll get access to websites that make it easy to find any radio Station in any format in America and Canada in a few simple clicks. Most importantly you'll be shown where to submit your music to get airplay. I'll give you proven techniques to get your music heard and on the air that Major Record Labels use, but don't want you to know.

Fourth, You'll learn the proven system of getting radio airplay.

Fifth, You'll learn how to make your pitch to radio stations. There are so many mistakes that prevent so many artist from persuading radio station staff to play their music. Radio Airplay Secrets will show you word-for-word exactly what to say to get radio airplay.

Sixth, You'll learn what to do after you get radio airplay - to keep you getting radio airplay. There are so many secrets to keeping the momentum going that one-hit wonders never have taken advantage of. These secrets are free to use and can generate more publicity and sales than 98% of artists and bands. Best thing is these secrets are free to use, once you learn them.

Seventh, get Bonus FREE access to Top Secret Radio Websites and FREE Top Secret Radio Resources. "In this report, you'll get 5 additional bonus pages of FREE radio websites and services that are 100% guaranteed to get your music heard by major players in the Radio Industry".

Do you have the passion to get your Music heard by millions?

Do you want to get noticed and get a Record Deal? Would you like to be a Star in your City, Country or around the world? If you do, You can, and it all starts with radio airplay.

WARNING: This system is not 'Payola". Payola is illegal and can land you in jail or ruin your future. The system I show you is an honest one used by successful Independent and Major Record Labels as well as Radio Promoters - to get their projects on the radio.

Order Thousands of Dollars Worth of Radio Promotion Secrets now for Only $47

Radio Airplay Secrets is delivered to your email as soon as PAYPAL confirms your order payment

Monday, October 11, 2010

5 Risks you need to take in your music biz

"Jay-Z is one of the most financially successful hip hop artists and entrepreneurs in America"

When no major record label would give him a record deal, Jay-Z and two of his associates started their own record label, Roc-A-Fella Records.
Jay-Z would not be as successful as he is today if he hadn't taken risks in his musical career. No one's risks have paid off more.

Here are 5 risks that are well worth taking to advance your music business and succeed in Today's Music Biz.

This means register your music business at the state level. There are several types of business structures. You’ll have to research to find out which is the best for your situation. If you are still not sure, hire an attorney who knows corporate music business law. is a good place to begin your research. It’s not difficult to register, but there are fees associated with it.

File your taxes. Now more than ever before, there are benefits such as tax exemptions for small businesses. Some tax benefits are specific to the music business. It’s best to hire a tax professional who is knowledgeable in Music Business tax laws and provisions so you can take advantage of all the exemptions available. Make sure you prepare though out the year by saving any receipts related to your Music Business, including travel, equipment, and business meals just to name a few.

Brand yourself. Make sure your image is consistent with your message. Then stay consistent. If you are a record label owner, think about what you want your label to stand for. If you are a musician or band, you are your brand. Make sure to represent.

Reach out. You never know what opportunity is on the other side of a click. Fans need to connect with you, so use the resources available to you to communicate with them. I check out many artists, just because they sent me a nice email or a dm on twitter and we usually end up interviewing them on our BlogTalkRadio Music Biz Podcast. Today’s music biz is about relationships. So always remember to be professional. Nothing on the internet is private.

Write your goals. This is the most important of them all. It could be a very important aspect missing from your music business. Writing down your goals and visualizing what you want to accomplish brings you one step closer to achieving them.

What risks have you taken or are considering taking in your music business? Do you write down your goals? Tell us what you’re trying to accomplish in Today’s Music Biz. Please comment below.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

5 tips for your YouTube Indie Music Marketing and Promotion Success

This week John Legend takes Digital Music Marketing to a new level with a high profile performance streaming live on YouTube.

Promoting his new album Wake Up, along with the legendary Roots and directed by Spike Lee, there will be special guests Jennifer Hudson, Common, Melanie Fiona, and Estelle.

Today’s Music Biz team is looking forward to witnessing this latest music promotion and free streaming concert!

Jac Holzman, founder of Elektra Records, stated recently in a YouTube video:

“YouTube is the strongest place you can be.”

This is a man who knows. He came up with the concept that created MTV.

YouTube provides fans a way of being able to get to know more about you, verses just listening to your music.

Here are 5 tips for your YouTube Indie Music Marketing and promotion success.

1. Use various ways to interact.

You can comment on videos, subscribe to channels you enjoy, or post video comments.

2. Remember who you’re marketing to.

Try to picture your ideal fan in your head. What are their interests? Appeal to that person.

3. Use your interests to attract new fans.

By posting or commenting on things you’re interested in, fans can get to know more about you and people interested in those same things will come and check you out.

4. Call to Action!

Ask for what you want. Please don’t say: “Cop my album”. They already know you want to sell your music to them. Remind them to: Subscribe, Rate or comment on your video.

5. Remember, it takes time.

The more time you spend interacting, the more attention you’ll get.

The more creative and entertaining your videos are, the better chance you’ll have of them going viral. It’s about EXPOSURE. Find creative ways to get more of it, like John Legend.

In Today’s Music Biz, fans want an experience when they hear your music. The better experience you provide for your fans, the more music you’ll sell, and the more you’ll Succeed in Today’s Music Biz.

Monday, September 13, 2010

How to Succeed In Today's Music Biz. Indie Music Marketing and Promotion. Sell More Music.

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Connecting Is Key The To Sell Your Indie Music

Do you want to sell more Indie Music? If so, it's helpful to remember what former Indie Music Legend  Jay-Z, is famous for saying;

"Men Lie, Women Lie, Numbers Don't"
 As an Indie, how you see success is in your own head. For you, success could be finally getting your debut single or album released. It could be performing live, or hearing your song played on the radio.

No matter how you view success, successful Indie and Major Record Labels understand that the reality is, sales equals success. Sales is the driving force behind every Major Record Label release. That's why winning Major Record Label Marketers do not go by gut instinct alone. Good Music Marketers use data, to connect them to what the Music Market wants.

Great Music Marketers know that connecting is tapping into what the market wants. Tapping into what the market wants brings a rush of attention and interest to their music.

How To Not Connect With Your Music Market

Some Indie Marketers and Musicians have a hard time understanding how to connect. That's because for most Musicians and Marketers, connecting is all about them - not the Market. So many Indie Music Marketers, walk around with their head in the clouds. This is not the way to connect with the market. 

Recently, we shared some feedback with an Artist, with distribution by a Major Label. We loved one song on the release, and thought it could be a successful debut single. The Artist's Manager disagreed. The song is "shelved" (not promoted). Sadly they are pushing a song that nobody is connecting to. 

"Successful Music Marketers Connect by Keeping An Ear To The Ground"

Gifted Music Marketers know that connecting to the Music Market requires looking for trends, sensing emotions and listening for what the Market wants. They have an ability feel the pulse of their audience.

In the case of Jay-Z, he has "painted pictures with poems". These pictures are not the creation of his ego alone. The pictures were also created by the vibrations he humbled himself to feel, as well as the images of the Brooklyn Streets where he was born and raised.

In the case of Jay-Z, the numbers don't lie. At last estimate, Jay-Z is worth is around 150 Million Dollars. Jay-Z connects with his market and connecting is the key to sell more of your Indie Music.

Feel free to connect with us on facebook and tell us what you think.

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Sunday, August 29, 2010

One Easy To Use Formula To Prevent Music Promotion Failure

Attention Musicians: You've got a lot of competition.
 (Pictured Above: American Idol Contestants waving for attention)

  • Have you thought about how many people release songs to the Music Marketplace every year?
  • How many people offer the same kind of music as you?
  • Have you heard, there are an estimated two million people who describe themselves as Musicians on Myspace?

The biggest cause of Music Promotion failure is becoming lost in the Crowd

The Music Marketplace can be seen as a never ending American Idol Audition. People of every gender, color, and culture hope to get attention of the judges. In the Music Biz there have always been contestants hoping for a chance to catch the eyes, ears, and hearts of judges, who are 'the Buyers'. 

Beware, because your music can be smothered by the noise of millions of contestants trying to be heard. Your music can become distant whisper in a stadium filled with your competition singing at the top of their lungs.

We've shared before that 95% of singles released fail to sell more than a few hundred copies. With so many artist fighting so hard to be heard, it's a good tip, that every Musician consider who they going to be heard by.  

Audience + Benefit = Conversions  

Audience, can be seen as one or more people, willing to give you attention. It's a good thing to be able see your 'target audience'. Some fun ways to target your audience is to ask yourself , "who do I see listening to my music"? What do they do? How do they live? Where do they live?  These questions can help you develop a picture of  what your audience looks like.

Benefits, can be understood as, the feelings you hope your fans will have, when they hear your music. You can find benefits by asking yourself, "how do I feel, when I hear my favorite songs by other artists?" Can you relate to and feel the lyrics? Maybe the song gives you sensation in your body. How your songs will connect, with you, is the benefit.

Conversions, are the decisions that your fans make on your behalf. Conversions can be measured by what people do for you. For example, a person clicks on your website and listens to your Music. That is a conversion. A conversion can be small like one person listening to your music, or big, like a thousand people coming to your show to hear your music.

Big or small, it's helps to remind yourself, there is no such thing as a bad conversion. Every conversion is a good thing :)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Internet Music Promotion:

Success in today's music business requires Internet Music Promotion. Over the last few weeks, Kasondra K, "Ms. I.T.", has presented examples of how Musicians like Katy Perry and Soulja Boy Tell "em are using Internet Promotion to win the ears, eyes, hearts, minds and dollars of listeners.

How can you ensure that your Internet Music Promotions will be successful?

  • Get Your Story Straight

    Love or hate Justin Bieber, no one can deny that it really is his world right now. Justin Bieber has a story that melts the hearts of his Fan's. Justin's story goes like this; White R&B singer has a dream of being a music superstar. He is discovered by accident on YOUTUBE, by a former Record Label Executive, signed to R&B superstar Usher Raymond's Record Label, and would go on to top the Billboard Charts as well as his teenage Fan's hearts.
Although Marshal Mathers goes by many names, his story stays thesame. Matters, aka "Slim Shady" and "Eminem", was a dissatisfied dishwasher and cook from Detroit, Michigan. He was broke, with a troubled past and a young daughter to raise.In spite of his odds, Mathers had dreams of being a rich and famous lyricist.

At first, Mathers battled perceptions of being another vanilla flavor of the month. Overtime as his lyrics started sharing who he was a real-person struggling with issues millions of people could relate to. His shattered relationship with his mother, his jaded view of relationships, and his struggle to stay sane in a world that felt it only appreciated insanity.

One day, his demo tape is discovered by Hip-Hip Producer Dr. Dre. White Rapper goes on to top the charts, win a Grammy for his Debut CD and sell millions of albums world-wide.On Eminem's latest release Relapse, Mathers tells more gritty stories. He addresses why he went into recovery (from a unknown addiction). He declares that he's not afraid to take a stand, and he gives listeners his view on hot topics like domestic violence. Once again, Mr. Mathers and his stories have journeyed to the top of the Billboard Sales Charts.
The Moral of these two stories is; telling your story allows people to understand who you are as a person.
  • Don't Be Afraid Of Being An Underdog

    Both stories above, have a common main character - the Underdog. Everyone loves an Underdog. We are naturally fascinated by those who want to overcome the odds. The more the odds are stacked, the bigger the interest in the story. The Daniel vs. Goliath style tale creates suspense and compels those watching to cheer for the Underdog as his or her story unfolds.
So, what is your story? How do you see your life? How do you feel about where you are as a Musician? If you are feeling down and don't see your life as where you want it to be, that may be good news. You can use your troubles to motivate music lovers to become your Fan's.

You are welcome to tell us your story. Leave a comment below and tell us about the odds that you feel are stacked against you. You may find as you type that your story starts to take shape.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Music Promotion: Katy Perry Steals From Fans

Hosting the recent Teen Choice Awards, Katy Perry is becoming the latest online music promotion success. Many of us know Katy Perry from her controversial hit single “Kissed a Girl”. It was the first single from her album "One of the Boys". "Kissed a Girl spent seven weeks on the Billboard Hot 100 during the summer of 2008 and has sold 3.1 million downloads, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

Her first internet single was “Ur So Gay”, also causing a controversial buzz in the media. It’s hard to believe all this comes from a girl steeped in Gospel. That’s right! Formerly Katy Hudson was raised by Christian Pastors and released a self titled Gospel album in 2001.

Katy Perry has taken what online fans would typically do and used it in her online music promotion. She’s stolen these ideas and turned them into a very successful promotion blitz. Have you ever seen a friend countdown on Facebook to something they were excited about? Katy Perry's FB countdown was to the revealing of the cover art for her upcoming album, Teenage Dream, to be released on August 24th. This gets fans excited and curious about whats to come.

Most artists hate it when their creative works get leaked on the internet. Katy Perry leaked preview pics online before the release of her “Teenage Dream” video. Proving she’s super social, she recently answered questions in the YouTube community. Over 20,000 questions were submitted from fans. That’s one way of controlling the dialogue.

All the best and most popular artists get parodied. Well Katy Perry released her own parody of her already fantastically fun and color video “California Gurls”. The parody now has over 7 million views, the original has over 34 million views on YouTube. To top it off, fans from all over are doing their own viral parodies. There’s California Boys, of course. California Gays is on its way to two million views, and California dorks has 400,000.

Katy Perry also tweets regularly to make sure she stays connected to her fanbase.

Being controversial sometimes helps your popularity in the music business. Being social always helps. Think about what your fan base does regularly, even if it’s something you don’t like. Then figure out a way to do it first, using it to your advantage in promoting your music.

Wishing you Success.

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Number 1 Music Promotion Trick To Help Musicians Sell More Music

What is the TOP Music Promotion Trick that can help you, as a Musician, to sell more music?

We will get to that trick. But first...

Albert Einstein said;

"He who joyfully marches to music in rank and file has already earned my contempt. He has been given a large brain by mistake, since for him the spinal cord would fully suffice."

What Einstein is saying is; march to the beat of YOUR OWN drummer. We see so many Musicians trying to succeed in the Music Biz who are; walking, talking, singing and sounding like the next one. Boring.

Don't Be Afraid To Be Yourself. The beauty of Humanity is that no two people are the same. So why are so many so-called Musicians, singers, producers and song-writer's; acting, walking, talking, sounding and writing songs that sound like one-another? The answer; Fear. Many Musicians are fearful of being themselves. The trouble with being like someone else is that no one likes a Copy-Cat.

The PIMP's of Today's Music Biz know that a USP is the number one trick to selling more of your music. We are Music Biz Insiders who have seen how the top 10% of  Record Labels sell millions of units, while, small Indie labels play copy-cat hoping to sell a few thousand copies. Your USP is the trick to selling more of your music.

Case in Point: Christina Aguilera's Burlesque Attempt Is A Bionic Flop:

No one can doubt the fact Christina Aguilera is a talented Vocalists. So why is her latest CD, Bionic considered a flop? Because Ms. Aguilera is known for selling millions of Music Units for her Parent Label; RCA Records. But Bionic has sold only 200,000 units as of July 15, 2010.

In our PIMPS opinion Christina Aguilera is not selling because she seems to be trying to compete with Lady GaGa.

Lady GaGa Owns Burlesque. 

Burlesque is an Art Form, that is part strip-tease and part imitation. Lady GaGa, has mastered the lost art of burlesque. Christina Aguilera is playing copy-cat to Lady GaGa.

The results are, Lady GaGa is in the lead. In fact, The Fame was the biggest seller for the first half of 2010, according to Billboard.

In a blond head-to-head match, Lady GaGa is winning because of the #1 Promotion Trick - the USP.

Unique Selling Proposition (USP): USP is the different benefit that you offer fans. Ask yourself, what set's you apart from every other Musician? What is it about your song's that are different from all the others? Why is it that people should spend time and money to purchase what you offer - not your competition?

Lady GaGa and her marketing team have learned what her USP is (Burlesque) and have sold more records, than any other Recording Artist, during the first half of 2010. You can do the same, but first you have to find and communicate your USP.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Does Soulja Boy use Pretty Boy Swag in Music Marketing?

Soulja Boy used the internet to launch a very successful hit single “Crank Dat” including an instructional viral video. Once again Soulja Boy is breaking music marketing barriers with his latest promotion.

Joining forces with, Soulja Boy is celebrating his birthday and streaming it live over fans cell phones, proving once again…it’s all about getting in the fan's pocket.

Craig Nobles,’s founder commented, “The future of music is a combination of technology teamed up with the artist to provide immediate and continuous content. provides just that, an opportunity to reach millions of viewers with their music, products and interviews from the comfort of their home or the convenience of their cell phone.” (BlackWeb 2.0) It’s brilliant! It gives fans just what they want.

This pay-per-view event will include live stream of The Party, Celebrity Red Carpet and live performances all viewable on your cell phone for $2.99. Knowing he has over 2 million twitter followers alone, he’s stands to make a good amount of cash.

How do you tap into your Pretty Boy Swag? Think about recent inventions that have revolutionized the music business like, ipods, and cellphones. Along with them came internet based music stars and millions of promotional and music marketing opportunities. Pay attention to what the younger tech savvy generation is doing and find a creative way to make money with it.

Monday, July 19, 2010

5 Things you Should ask Before you Hire a Music Manager

Are you considering hiring a Music Manager to handle your music business affairs? This is a very big step in an artists career. A decision that could make or break you. Here are 5 important questions to ask before you put your career in the hands of someone else.

1. Do you have a lawyer? Contracts are complicated. You’ll have peace of mind and protection if you have an attorney available to look over your music business contracts before signing them. There are options available for affordable attorneys.

2. Is the person you are considering willing to sign a contract? It’s best to make sure everything is in writing. Remember that friends don’t always stay friends when money is involved. It’s best to protect everyone up front.

3. Are you positive this person has your best interests in mind? This should include your vision of where you want your musical career to go.

4. What do you expect out of a Music Manager? Make sure to be specific and long term on this. If your long term goal is get your music in the movies, does the person you are considering know how to get those connections?

5. What is the Music Managers role in your online strategy? There’s a viral video going around where Justin Bieber’s Manager, Scott "Scooter" Braun, says that he reminds Justin to tweet several times a day. The young Manager of this teen sensation also said the fans know when the Record Label is tweeting or updating the status for the artist. So try to implement the manager’s role in promoting you in creative ways on the web.

It's obvious that Justin Bieber's manager knows what he's doing. Make sure you have clear expectations before you hire a Music Manager to handle your Music Biz career.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

4 Overlooked Ways To Sell More Music

Today you'll discover 4 overlooked ways to sell more of your music.

Dick Clark is famous for a number of things.Dick Clark is known around the world, for his Rockin' New Years Eve broadcast.

If you're old school, you may remember his show, American Bandstand 

(Dick Clark is pictured center left, source ). 

Dick Clark is a masterful music promoter, and an often overlooked teacher of selling more music.Today's Music Biz will show you how to sell more of your music, by following the example of Dick Clark.

What Dick Clark Is Not Famous For

Dick Clark is viewed by millions, across generations as the all American boy next door. Music Biz insiders have described Dick Clark as "Americas Oldest Teenager"

Dick Clark is also a wise, and sober-minded Music Businessman.  Dick Clark once said;
"I'm a Survivor in a Business that constantly rejects you" ~ Dick Clark. ~
Nobody in the Music Biz can deny that Dick Clark is a shrewd Music Business Mogul. But what is more important is that Dick Clark, is a Music Biz Musician. He's used a dazzling array of ticks to sell more music to millions of fans across generations.

How Did Dick Clark Build His Music Biz Empire 

1. Publishing

Music Publishing has been helping people sell more music since the mid-15th Century. For thousands of years there's been a market for reproduced music. And Music Publishers have flourished because of it. Music Publishing is a great skill and a time-proven way to sell more music. So much so, that at one time, Music Barons successfully sold Queen Elizabeth VI of granting them a monopoly of Music Publishing. 

In 1950, Dick Clark expanded his role from Disc Jockey Music Publisher. Dick Clark discovered Music Publishing and didn't stop there. He also published Rock Roll and Remember, a Sunday Newspaper Comic Strip. If you love the Music Biz but are not musically a great performer, you may want to consider msuic publishing.

2. Producing

Dick Clark is owner of Dick Clark Productions, a company that produces some of the Music Industry's biggest events. Some of  Dick Clarks' well known productions are, the American Music Awards; So You Think You Can Dance, and American Bandstand.

There is far more in Music Production than producing Music. You can sell more music by producing concerts, video's, or your own music showcase.

Dick Clark Owns the American Bandstand Theater in Branson Missouri. This venue boast indoor and outdoor concert venues, a theater which features professional impersonators of Elvis, Cher, Michael Jackson, Ray Charles and others.

Just like Dick Clark, you can use your love of Music to create experiences that fans will pay for. 

3. Music Related Merchandising

First the nerdy description: Merchandising is the business of  sustaining commercial activity. Broken down further, Merchandising is selling more stuff to more people.  Dick Clark is a masterful Merchandiser.  For example, Dick Clark owns "Area 57", a recreational area that sells T-Shirts, biker badges, 

4. Music Licensing

Often overlooked by Musicians and others in the Music Biz is Music Licensing. Music Licensing is the business of using copyrighted music.

Dick Clark is a genius at Music Licensing. Although he has long stopped receiving payment for promoting and distributing music, he has become a legend at Music Licensing. All of the songs in all of his shows have had to be approved by the copyright owner. Dick Clark has used this skill to generate a fortune.

There are many opportunities for you to enter the world of music licensing and sell more of your Music.

Follow the example of Dick Clark and you are nearly guaranteed to sell more of your music.

To Learn The Secrets Of Becoming A (P.I.M.P.) "Professional In Music Promotion":Click here