Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Does Soulja Boy use Pretty Boy Swag in Music Marketing?

Soulja Boy used the internet to launch a very successful hit single “Crank Dat” including an instructional viral video. Once again Soulja Boy is breaking music marketing barriers with his latest promotion.

Joining forces with, Soulja Boy is celebrating his birthday and streaming it live over fans cell phones, proving once again…it’s all about getting in the fan's pocket.

Craig Nobles,’s founder commented, “The future of music is a combination of technology teamed up with the artist to provide immediate and continuous content. provides just that, an opportunity to reach millions of viewers with their music, products and interviews from the comfort of their home or the convenience of their cell phone.” (BlackWeb 2.0) It’s brilliant! It gives fans just what they want.

This pay-per-view event will include live stream of The Party, Celebrity Red Carpet and live performances all viewable on your cell phone for $2.99. Knowing he has over 2 million twitter followers alone, he’s stands to make a good amount of cash.

How do you tap into your Pretty Boy Swag? Think about recent inventions that have revolutionized the music business like, ipods, and cellphones. Along with them came internet based music stars and millions of promotional and music marketing opportunities. Pay attention to what the younger tech savvy generation is doing and find a creative way to make money with it.