Saturday, November 14, 2009

Music Promotion: Why Every Artist Must Be Social Salespersons

 If you're an Artist, few things matter more than selling your music.  Fewer things are more frustrating than not selling your music. And nothing is worse than being unrecognized. 

So what is an artist to do to make sure that none of the above happens to them?  Become a Social Media Salesperson.  What is a Social Media Salesperson? Well, stick around and Today's Music Biz team will break it down for you.  Thanks for stopping by.

The Ugly Truth About Social Network Marketing

The ugly truth is, Social Network Marketing is a must for anyone in Today's Music Biz.Can you believe there are actually people who think that Social Media sites are a fad? Social Media sites connect with nearly a Billion people across the planet. 

There are an estimated 500 Million people on Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook.  In contrast, there are only about 200 Million people in the United States. What is the chance that there is a Fan out there for every conceivable Music Genre on the Planet?  I'd say chances are pretty good.

What is a Social Salesperson?

A Social Salesperson is the one responsible for creating connections.  The Music biz has always been about connections "who knows whom". Deals get done with people, and a Social Salesperson knows how to get deals done.

Social Salespersons are not spammers!  A true Social Salesperson is not interested in "pushing" a product into the market, they are more concerned with the people who make up the market.  For example, say you have 1,000 Twitter followers?  What are the "interests" of  your followers?

A Social Salesperson (generally) knows what the interests of their followers and Fans are.

A Social Salesperson defines the "Market" before they connect to it.  Many people believe that they can create a market for their offerings by simply telling people about it. That approach is like prospecting for gold in a trash dump. 

Sure, you could get lucky and strike gold, but really what are the chances of that happening? And would you really want search for gold in a trash heap? I hope not. On the other hand a Social Salesperson prospects for gold where it's more likely to be found.  Where is gold found in Today's Music Biz? On-line.

Myspace is self-described as "a place for friends".  Myspace is not called "a place to sell music". So why are at least 2 Million Music Artists on Myspace, trying to sell their music? Because there are an estimated 200 Million Myspace users.  And it just so happens that almost everyone likes some form of music.

A Social Salesperson realizes that to sell Music to even a fraction of the Myspace user community, the Social Salespeople have to first connect with them as friends.

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