Saturday, November 27, 2010

Music Business Secret:

The great writer Miguel De Cervantes once wrote, "It is one thing to praise discipline, and another to submit to it."

The only thing that separates winners in the Music Business from the losers is self-discipline. Self-discipline is a Music Business Secret that you should fear ignoring.

Discipline can be thought of as a branch of knowledge. Self discipline can be thought of as "knowledge of yourself". For example, It's important to know how you will perform in various areas of the Music Business.

Right now, there is singer, musician, producer ("talent") looking for work. No doubt this talent is gifted in their musical craft. You and I may not heard of them because they are painfully shy. The problem is this talent does not have the self-discipline to know they are painfully shy.

Travie McCoy sang, "I Wanna Be A Billionaire - So Freakin Bad." If I had a dollar for every talent without self-discipline, but with a list of excuses for why they have not succeeded in the Music Biz, I might just be a billionaire.

I won't pretend that self-discipline is easy. I won't lead you to believe that self-discipline is all it takes to succeed. I will say that self-discipline has taken average talents to the realm of Music Business Legends. I'll remind you that people with self-discipline are winners.

Finally, I'll ask you to give yourself some time to learn your strengths and weaknesses? For instance; if you are a great musician, how good are you at contract negotiations, promotions, marketing, and areas not related to playing your instrument? Having expertise in all areas of the Music Business, or having someone on your team with the knowledge that you lack, is one of the best Music Business Secrets.
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