Monday, May 31, 2010

To Get Signed Sell More Music

Musicians ask me all the time, "how do I get signed to a Record Deal"?

I always reply, "sell more music".

I realize selling music is easier said than done. But there are people selling hundreds of thousands of singles BEFORE they get signed to a Major Record Label.

You can get a Recording Contract, but the Major Record Labels are not what they used to be. For example, A&R Reps are now Consultants. A Consultant is a free-lancer. They do not have a secured or assured income.

A&R Consultants don't have the option of  bringing the Major Label an unproven Recording Act. Major Record Labels are looking to sign a proven act. Major Labels are looking for a sure thing.

How To Become A Sure Thing In Today's Music Biz

So how do you prove yourself to be a "sure thing"? I hate to say it again, but you have to sell more music. You have to show any record label that you can sell music. Not just a song or two. You have to sell tens of thousands of units. A good goal to shoot for is 50 to 100 thousand units.

I realize that selling hundreds of thousands of units is a lot to sell. The fact is, it happens. And I hope we can help you sell hundreds of thousands of units.

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