Sunday, November 05, 2006

World Music Promotion

Although America is the number one destination for many recording artist, there is a whole world and numerous markets where your non-American music can thrive. There are also fans in America (ex-pat's etc) who would love to have your music in their CD or MP3 player.

The key to selling to the world music market is being authentic and giving your fans the experiences that provides nostalgic inspiration. We know many artist who try too hard to "Americanize" their sound to appeal to the American music market. The key to success in the world music market is being authentic and appealing to the life-group that you want to be your fans.

A life-group is a group of people who share similar interest. Music is definitely an area where many people of diverse backgrounds and experiences share an interest in various forms of music. For instance in America there are many fans of artist like Irish Singers Maura O'Connell, Luka Bloom and many others.

The task is to market and promote your music to World Music Fans. To do this, you'll need to:
Define your target life-group
  • Find ways to get those in your music life-group involved with your music
  • Communicate the benefits of your music to those in your life-group
  • Convert those people from specators to fans
  • Convert your fans into customers

The best way to do achieve all of the steps above is to get your music out on the Internet where people will be able to listen to your music. There are many music submission sites that will allow you to showcase and sell your music around the world to fans who are willing to buy your music.

The Succeed In the Music Biz Staff has a list of the best music submission sites for you to upload your music to start getting your fans involved.


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