Wednesday, October 28, 2009

MySpace, MSN Push Possible Music Promotion Partnership

Kara Swisher of The Wall Street Journal Blog, "All things Digital" reported that MySpace and MSN Music are discussing a "possible" Music Promotion deal. 

What will this deal mean for Artist on MySpace? 
Well it could mean even greater reach for Artists currenly on MySpace. It certainly means that every Indie Artist should have a MySpace page.

Today's Music Biz discussed 7 MySpace Music Promotion Best Practices earlier this week.  The news of a possible partnership between the number #2 Music Website (MySpace) and the #6 Music Website (MSN) backs up our MySpace article perfectly.

Although the talks between MSN and MySpace are in the early stages, just the idea of this partnership provides with even credibility on the internet.

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Exclusive: Microsoft

Exclusive: Microsoft’s MSN Is in Early Talks With MySpace About Music Tie-Up

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Monday, October 26, 2009

7 Myspace Music Promotion Best Practices To Ignore At Your Own Risk

Forget the negative thoughts you may think about Myspace. is still one of the hottest music promotional tool available to anyone in the Music Biz.  Sure there are other social media networking sites out there, but few have the reach of Myspace. 

In fact, many popular recording artist still use myspace to market and promote their latest singles or releases. 

Did you know there are over two million Music Biz Artists on Myspace?  

That is a lot of competition for Fan's. So how do you stand out among 2,000,000 competitors on Myspace?  Short answer, use methods that work. In business, methods that work are called "best practices". 

So what are the best practices for successful music promotion on Myspace? 

There are 7 Best Practices of successful Myspace music promotion.  Do you know what they are?  If not keep reading as Today's Music Biz Staff counts 'em down.

1. Get a music page. 

Getting a music page is free so there is no reason not to have one. We've been using Myspace to educate people for years. Feel free to friend us here (right click to open in a new window or tab).

2. Make sure your page is user friendly.

There are many would-be music business professionals who have myspace pages take too long to load. If your myspace page loads too slow, you could be losing potential fans. Mega bandwidth graphics and images will prevent your page from loading quickly. Your myspace page should take no longer than 20 or 30 seconds to load.

Many artists on myspace use layouts that emphasize their creativity but are a nightmare to navigate. Refrain from using dancing cursor's, raining text, and distracting images on your myspace music pages. Other myspace artists have "about me" blurbs that go on forever. Keep about me blurbs short (no more than 1000 words), if people want to know more about you, they will ask.

3. Have you-own music on your myspace page.

Don't put someone else's music on your myspace page unless you were involved in the creation of the music. How can you be discovered if your music isn't on your page?

4. Reach out for friends.

Networking on myspace is one of the most powerful tools you can use to build your fan-base. Take advantage of the opportunity to reach out to people with like interests. Never ignore or decline a friend request (unless you are sure it's spam or a scam). You never know who can help your music career.

5. Treat your friends like friends. 

Common courtesy applies on myspace just as in real life. Be willing to thank your friends for adding you as a friend. Respond to friend's when they reach out (if appropriate). Never post your ad as a comment on someone's myspace page without acknowledging them. Limit the size of your "ad comments".

6. Promote yourself in appropriate ways.

Noteworthy career updates, or new music added to your page are good reasons to promote yourself on myspace. List your tour dates on your page and use bulletins to let people know where you are performing. Limit the number of bulletins you post. Posting irrelevant bulletins, or posting bulletins too often, will force your friends to ignore you or "un-friend" you.

Let people know about your page. Putting your unique address on your website and business cards will make it convenient for you to build your network and fan base faster.

7. Provide ways for people to purchase your music from your myspace page.

If you sell your music anywhere online make sure there is a direct link from your myspace page to the location where people can buy your music. Follow our rules and you will have fun and make many friends on Myspace.

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