Saturday, December 18, 2010

How to Succeed in the Music Industry

A few years ago, I had the once in a life-time experience of meeting Eric Benet. If you haven't heard of Eric Benet, it's because you do not listen to R&B Music. That's ok.

Even if you don't know Eric Benet, know one thing. He is a success in today's music biz.

I had the pleasure of recording Eric Benet back in 2005. I was the Creative Services Director at Start 94.5 FM and he stopped by to promote his song I "Wanna Be Loved".

How to Succeed in music like Eric Benet

First, Eric is a P.I.M.P. Professional in Music Promotion. Eric Benet didn't show up unannounced. He personally reached out to the powers that be at the Radio Station and requested an appearance.
 Eric Benet showed up on time and as planned, and did a planned interview on-air. Then as Eric walked toward the Production Studio, at least 20 of his fans were waiting. He had been invited to meet and greet the soulful singer at the Radio Station.

Eric gave hugs to the women (some with tears in the eyes) and gave the men a fist-pound. Behind his pleasant attitude I could see Eric Benet was there to sell more records. He had a professionals attitude which is a major key to success.

Don't Hesitate to Display Your Talent

Once in the Production Studio, I asked Eric to sing a couple of bars of "I Wanna Be Loved". Eric immediately, broke into the song with no hesitation. I was impressed because he did not hesitate to display his talent.

Check out the video below to see Eric Benet recording his 2010 R&B hit, "Sometimes I Cry".


Music Promotion is all about displaying talent. The goal is to sell more music. A Music Professional, when given the chance will not hesitate to take the opportunity to display their talent.
Learn the Tricks of the Music Trade
"It takes a great student to become a master"
I realized early on in my Marketing Career, that to become a master, I had to first be a great student. I tell anyone who asks me, "how do I succeed in music", to become a student of the business first.

As in any business, there are tricks, tips and techniques that every upcoming recording artists needs to know to reach the success they desire. One of those is knowing when to accept helpful advice. A great student is humble enough to realize that there are things they don't.

Most importantly, a great student knows and uses only the things that do work (for example getting radio airplay like Eric Benet).

Above are a few starter tips to succeed in today's Music Industry. To stay updated on the latest tips, join Today's Music Biz on Facebook.

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