Sunday, December 12, 2010

3 Mistakes Every Up and Coming Music Artist Should Avoid

Are you a an up and coming Music Artist?

If so, here are the top 3 mistakes that I've seen stop up and coming Music Artists in their tracks.

1. Disbelief

In the Music Biz, "if you don't believe in your Music, no one else will" . That's what music teacher Mark Bartomeli, of the Jacksonville Music Academy is quoted to have said. You have to believe in your talent and abilities as an up and coming Music Artist. If you are over 30 years old and have been dreaming of being a success in the Music Business for years, you should keep believing. If you are a under 30 years old hold on to your belief in yourself as the days go by. Disbelief is a mistake that is easily avoided by believing in yourself.

2. Inaction 

Inaction means no activity for a long time. Inaction is a mistake that we've seen a lot of would-be great musicians make. In the Music Biz, inaction occurs when the talent won't take the next step. For example, I recently heard a song that I knew could be a hit. The problem was the artist had not taken the step to copyright the single so the song had not been legally protected. I asked the Songwriter, "did you copyright that song?"

The Songwriter replied "I haven't got around to it". This person was shopping the single to a Major Artist on a Major Record Label but had not taken the step to protect his opportunity to succeed in the Music Biz. I encourage you not to make the mistake of being inactive - especially when it comes to taking the next step. The simple cure for inaction is action.

3. Fear of Failure and Success

Every entrepreneur (including myself) has some fears. But we can not afford the mistake of fearing failure. But most importantly, we can not fear success. As a successful person you will feel resentment, hate, envy, and disbelief from friends, foes, and competitors. You will have people you barley knew - or, ones who never liked you before, acting as if you owe them something for your success. Unfortunately, there is no cure for the problems that come with success. The good thing is, if you are a success there is no reason to fear failure.

What mistakes can you think of? Feel free to share any Music Biz Mistakes you can think of below.

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rdac said...

Hi. my name is Danny or better kown as my stage name bliz.
iv been dreaming of making it in the music biz for as far as i remember,iv been around some big names,i also have a few demo's,but i feel like no one cares..everyone i come across tells me im very talented and i should continue and i never tought of stoping.
I just feel like it needs to land in the right hands but my qustion is where can i start searching for those hands?
Heres my email in case i cant find this site agin.please reply if you can