Monday, December 06, 2010

Music Biz Secret: 5 Ways Anthems Never Fail

Fergie, lead female vocalist for The Black Eyed Peas was recently named Billboards Women of the Year for 2010. What was one of Fergie’s secrets to success? Fergie and her fellow musicians “The Pea’s” are perfect examples of using anthems to stay on top. “Where Is The Love?” was The Peas first major hit. I don’t know if I’d call it inspirational but it did make you think. The people loved it. It landed at #8 on the Billboard Top 100.

Have you ever been at concert and the crowd was chanting to the music?

Through the years all great causes have had songs to create and maintain movement. From the Civil Rights movement to We Will Rock You, Anthems work! Even if your cause is self promotion. Why? Because…

Music Unites People.

How do you write an anthem to unite and inspire or even to Rock? Well, Today’s Music Biz Team has broken Anthems down into 5 categories. Each one of them has brought various artists success in their music career.

Party Anthems and Dance Moves – Music created to move the crowd. The Twist, da Butt, Soulja Boy…need I say more. Also any shuffle works to move the crowd and cross social boundaries.

Inspirational - Songs that people connect with that make them feel inspired where ever they are in their life or that moves them in some way. As I mentioned above, The Peas charted with one. “I’ve Got a Feeling” is another good one. Every genre is full of inspirational songs.

Supporting a larger cause – We’ve seen this more this type of Anthem more this year than ever. Artist came out and wrote songs to causes close to their hearts. To help Haiti., of the Black Eyed Pea remixed The Who’s song “My Generation”. Artists came together to re-create “We Are The World” for New Orleans. Country Musicians were on the forefront of The Tennessee flood. We continue to hear songs from the past, some even passed down through generations, songs that support great causes.

Break up anthems – This type of anthem touches people personally. There are songs about the pain and never getting over you, but many successful songs are about moving on and kickin’ the ex to the curb. Beyonce with “Irreplaceable”, Number 1 and 3x Platinum. Carrie Underwood’s “Before He Cheats”, Number 1 and 3x Platinum. Cee Lo Greene is already nominated for a Grammy for his hit song "Forget You!"

Your name (or a derivative of) - “Fergalicious” featuring topped the charts at #2. Fergie’s album The Dutchess went 2x Platinum in the US. I have to mention Soulja Boy again here because he practically succeeded in becoming a house hold name.

It’s about Unification. Music unites people and Anthems are proven to be successful.

What great Anthems do you love? What are your memories associated with them? Leave a comment below and tell us.

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