Sunday, August 29, 2010

One Easy To Use Formula To Prevent Music Promotion Failure

Attention Musicians: You've got a lot of competition.
 (Pictured Above: American Idol Contestants waving for attention)

  • Have you thought about how many people release songs to the Music Marketplace every year?
  • How many people offer the same kind of music as you?
  • Have you heard, there are an estimated two million people who describe themselves as Musicians on Myspace?

The biggest cause of Music Promotion failure is becoming lost in the Crowd

The Music Marketplace can be seen as a never ending American Idol Audition. People of every gender, color, and culture hope to get attention of the judges. In the Music Biz there have always been contestants hoping for a chance to catch the eyes, ears, and hearts of judges, who are 'the Buyers'. 

Beware, because your music can be smothered by the noise of millions of contestants trying to be heard. Your music can become distant whisper in a stadium filled with your competition singing at the top of their lungs.

We've shared before that 95% of singles released fail to sell more than a few hundred copies. With so many artist fighting so hard to be heard, it's a good tip, that every Musician consider who they going to be heard by.  

Audience + Benefit = Conversions  

Audience, can be seen as one or more people, willing to give you attention. It's a good thing to be able see your 'target audience'. Some fun ways to target your audience is to ask yourself , "who do I see listening to my music"? What do they do? How do they live? Where do they live?  These questions can help you develop a picture of  what your audience looks like.

Benefits, can be understood as, the feelings you hope your fans will have, when they hear your music. You can find benefits by asking yourself, "how do I feel, when I hear my favorite songs by other artists?" Can you relate to and feel the lyrics? Maybe the song gives you sensation in your body. How your songs will connect, with you, is the benefit.

Conversions, are the decisions that your fans make on your behalf. Conversions can be measured by what people do for you. For example, a person clicks on your website and listens to your Music. That is a conversion. A conversion can be small like one person listening to your music, or big, like a thousand people coming to your show to hear your music.

Big or small, it's helps to remind yourself, there is no such thing as a bad conversion. Every conversion is a good thing :)

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