Sunday, August 22, 2010

Internet Music Promotion:

Success in today's music business requires Internet Music Promotion. Over the last few weeks, Kasondra K, "Ms. I.T.", has presented examples of how Musicians like Katy Perry and Soulja Boy Tell "em are using Internet Promotion to win the ears, eyes, hearts, minds and dollars of listeners.

How can you ensure that your Internet Music Promotions will be successful?

  • Get Your Story Straight

    Love or hate Justin Bieber, no one can deny that it really is his world right now. Justin Bieber has a story that melts the hearts of his Fan's. Justin's story goes like this; White R&B singer has a dream of being a music superstar. He is discovered by accident on YOUTUBE, by a former Record Label Executive, signed to R&B superstar Usher Raymond's Record Label, and would go on to top the Billboard Charts as well as his teenage Fan's hearts.
Although Marshal Mathers goes by many names, his story stays thesame. Matters, aka "Slim Shady" and "Eminem", was a dissatisfied dishwasher and cook from Detroit, Michigan. He was broke, with a troubled past and a young daughter to raise.In spite of his odds, Mathers had dreams of being a rich and famous lyricist.

At first, Mathers battled perceptions of being another vanilla flavor of the month. Overtime as his lyrics started sharing who he was a real-person struggling with issues millions of people could relate to. His shattered relationship with his mother, his jaded view of relationships, and his struggle to stay sane in a world that felt it only appreciated insanity.

One day, his demo tape is discovered by Hip-Hip Producer Dr. Dre. White Rapper goes on to top the charts, win a Grammy for his Debut CD and sell millions of albums world-wide.On Eminem's latest release Relapse, Mathers tells more gritty stories. He addresses why he went into recovery (from a unknown addiction). He declares that he's not afraid to take a stand, and he gives listeners his view on hot topics like domestic violence. Once again, Mr. Mathers and his stories have journeyed to the top of the Billboard Sales Charts.
The Moral of these two stories is; telling your story allows people to understand who you are as a person.
  • Don't Be Afraid Of Being An Underdog

    Both stories above, have a common main character - the Underdog. Everyone loves an Underdog. We are naturally fascinated by those who want to overcome the odds. The more the odds are stacked, the bigger the interest in the story. The Daniel vs. Goliath style tale creates suspense and compels those watching to cheer for the Underdog as his or her story unfolds.
So, what is your story? How do you see your life? How do you feel about where you are as a Musician? If you are feeling down and don't see your life as where you want it to be, that may be good news. You can use your troubles to motivate music lovers to become your Fan's.

You are welcome to tell us your story. Leave a comment below and tell us about the odds that you feel are stacked against you. You may find as you type that your story starts to take shape.