Saturday, September 04, 2010

Connecting Is Key The To Sell Your Indie Music

Do you want to sell more Indie Music? If so, it's helpful to remember what former Indie Music Legend  Jay-Z, is famous for saying;

"Men Lie, Women Lie, Numbers Don't"
 As an Indie, how you see success is in your own head. For you, success could be finally getting your debut single or album released. It could be performing live, or hearing your song played on the radio.

No matter how you view success, successful Indie and Major Record Labels understand that the reality is, sales equals success. Sales is the driving force behind every Major Record Label release. That's why winning Major Record Label Marketers do not go by gut instinct alone. Good Music Marketers use data, to connect them to what the Music Market wants.

Great Music Marketers know that connecting is tapping into what the market wants. Tapping into what the market wants brings a rush of attention and interest to their music.

How To Not Connect With Your Music Market

Some Indie Marketers and Musicians have a hard time understanding how to connect. That's because for most Musicians and Marketers, connecting is all about them - not the Market. So many Indie Music Marketers, walk around with their head in the clouds. This is not the way to connect with the market. 

Recently, we shared some feedback with an Artist, with distribution by a Major Label. We loved one song on the release, and thought it could be a successful debut single. The Artist's Manager disagreed. The song is "shelved" (not promoted). Sadly they are pushing a song that nobody is connecting to. 

"Successful Music Marketers Connect by Keeping An Ear To The Ground"

Gifted Music Marketers know that connecting to the Music Market requires looking for trends, sensing emotions and listening for what the Market wants. They have an ability feel the pulse of their audience.

In the case of Jay-Z, he has "painted pictures with poems". These pictures are not the creation of his ego alone. The pictures were also created by the vibrations he humbled himself to feel, as well as the images of the Brooklyn Streets where he was born and raised.

In the case of Jay-Z, the numbers don't lie. At last estimate, Jay-Z is worth is around 150 Million Dollars. Jay-Z connects with his market and connecting is the key to sell more of your Indie Music.

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