Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Music Marketing: Top 5 Reasons To Have A Fan Page On Facebook

What Do Kings Of Leon, and Ani DiFranco Have In Common?

They have large followings. If you're a musician, singer, songwriter, producer in Today's Music Biz and you don't have a Facebook Fan page, you're missing a huge opportunity.

According to Entrepreneur Magazine (September 2009), Facebook has 200 million users, beating by 100 million. For that reason, Facebook is Today and Myspace "is like, so yesterday".

Top 5 Reasons To Have A Fan Page On Facebook

1.  Facebook allows Public Figures to have a 'Facebook Fan Page'.

A  Fan page is different from your profile page and allows people to comment  and  'like'  your  latest  updates. It also allows Fan's to show you some love without you having to worry about deleting spam comments.

2. Skanks stay away from Facebook.

I hate friend generators.  The good thing about Facebook is that it doesn't have any friend generator applications.  So people who become Fan's of your Facebook Fan Page, are usually not attention whores, trying to pad their friend counts.  I've been on Facebook for about a year now and I've never gotten a request from a 'Spam Skank' inviting me to come watch her sexy vid's.  Facebook allows you to truly build your fan base without the skanks and spam.

3.  Facebook makes Music Marketing easier

Facebook allows you to get more traffic to your website, YOUTUBE Channel, blog and even your MySpace and Ilike pages. For example, if you have a gig coming up, you can update your status and inform your fans. Kings of Leon have over 1 million fan's (which I'm one of a million).  Ani DiFranco has over 30,000 devoted fans on her Facebook Fan Page.

4, Facebook also allows 3rd Party applications.

If you're already on Twitter, there's good news.  You can have Twitter automatically update your Facebook PageFacebook allows many 3rd Party Applications.

5. Facebook makes viral marketing easy.

On Facebook, if someone likes what you're doing, they can share it with as many friends as the want.  I know from experience that friends like to pass on stuff their friends send them.  Facebook makes sharing easy.  Viral Marketing is just a savvy word for sharing and Facebook is a simple way of marketing.

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