Thursday, September 10, 2009

The 2009 iPod Nano With FM Radio (Video)

People who thought that Radio was a dying form of Media were dead wrong! At least that's what Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple seems to think.  If you haven't heard yet, the new Apple iPod will have an FM Radio.

New Radio Features On the New iPod Nano:

The new iPod Nano will take Radio to the next level with the following features:

  • Live Pause; the listener will be able to pause live radio and play it back.
  • iTunes Tagging; when the listener hears a song they like, they can tag it in the Itunes Store 

Why Should Musicians Care About the New iPod Radio Feature?

Radio takes unknown Musicians and makes them Superstars.  In fact over 70% of the music purchased on-line is heard first on the Radio.  I'm certain that Steve Jobs is aware of this fact.  Apples' goal is to sell more products (music) to more people more often.  That is the mantra of every successful marketer.

What better way to sell more from the iTunes Store than to allow listener's to hear a song on their iPod, tag it, and then buy the download from the iTunes Store?

As a Radio Expert, few things frustrate me more than people assuming that Radio Airplay doesn't matter.  I've  heard people say, "the Internet is where the Fan's are" or, "Radio Airplay doesn't matter, because I can sell my music to Fan's on Myspace".  I know Radio hater's and naysayers to be dead wrong about Radio.

What Does the New iPod Nano Mean for Music Marketer's?

The new iPod Nano Radio feature makes it essential that every Music Marketer learn the secrets of getting Radio Airplay. No one wants to leave potentially millions of dollars on the table because they ignored Radio Airplay.

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