Monday, September 14, 2009

How Kanye West VMA Outburst Will Help Taylor Swift Sell More Downloads

Last night at the 2009 MTV (VMA's) Video Music Awards, in 30 seconds, Kanye West stole the show and the press coverage from Micheal Jackson, Janet Jackson, Jay-Z, Alicia Keys and even Beyonce. If you didn't catch the VMA's but want to know how Kanye West stole the show, click play on the video below.

Why We Shouldn't Be Shocked?

No one should be shocked that Kayne West upstaged Taylor Swift.  Kanye West knows that any publicity (good or bad) is publicity. As I write today's blog, Kayne West has already received mentions on Good Morning America (on ABC), and on every Radio Station in America.

Last week, I would have never thought, that when I wrote about how Taylor Swift makes songs that sell that Ms. Swift would win a VMA.  But I'm not surprised she won.  Nor am I shocked that Kanye West stunned the audience by bum-rushing the stage to give Beyonce her props.

How Will Kanyes' Outburst Help Taylor Swift?

No Musician can ever go wrong by taking a stand on an issue.  As I said earlier, Kanye West is getting major mentions in all major Media.  Taylor Swift, on the other-hand will get the sympathy vote.  Not like Taylor Swift needs sympathy. She was recently on Oprah, where it was announced that Taylor Swift was the best selling Recording Artist of 2008. But there will be million's of Fan's who like Taylors' music but have never purchased her songs, that will go to their computer and download her album.  

On the flip-side, hard core Hip-Hop and R&B Fan's will go out and download Kanyes' and Beyonces' latest albums. 

What's The Moral Of  This Music Biz Story?

A few weeks ago, Kasondra Kay and I did a Podcast, titled, "How A Diss Can Help Increase Downloads".   This is a win-win-win for Kayne West, Taylor Swift, and Beyonce.  Kanyes' diss of Taylor Swift will help all three sell more music.   

The moral of the story is, you can't please everyone - every time.  If you try to please everyone, in Today's Music Biz, you'll find yourself pleasing very few.  Take a stand on an issue, even if you're wrong, people will remember you for standing up and speaking out about what you thought was right. In addition, you might sell a few thousand more downloads.

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