Saturday, August 29, 2009

Music Marketing: How To Increase Fan Downloads By 77 Percent

Kasondra Kay (aka "Ms. IT") has been encouraging Music Marketing Professionsals to use digital Media tools for a few years.  Ms. IT has been promoting one tool in particular.  New research from NPD and reported by CNET confirms what Kasondra suspected.

A July 2008 study done by NPD finds that Twitter can help Music Marketers increase downloads by 77%!  Kasondra deserves a BIG pat on the back for having the vision to see through the endless tech tools and select twitter.
"People on Twitter purchased 77 percent more digital downloads, on average, than those who were not tweeting. One-third listened to music on a social-networking site, 41 percent listened to online radio (compared with 22 percent of all Web users), and 39 percent watched a music video online (versus 25 percent of all Web users)."
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