Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The Ugly Truth About Radio Airplay

This is a real post, from a real DJ. It was ripped from a popular radio insider website:

"Our PD has recently told us that we must only play songs in the mixes that are in the station's rotation. It seems that they are automatically assuming that if we are playing a song that is not in rotation then it must be payola.

I'm simply trying break new songs. I dj at several clubs and get mad response on several cuts that I'm not allowed to play in the radio mixes. I don't stray to far from the playlist, I might introduce one new song per 20min mix. What is wrong with that?

I know that payola exists. What has me puzzled is what or who determines the music rotation and why can't new songs be introduced by none other than the PD? especially when the PD is over 50yrs old and does not have a ear for this so called music that is out today.

Our station plays a lot of unheard of artists that do not have hits but yet when we try to introduce a hit during the mixshows we are not allowed. So, my question is, who is really getting paid for play? I realize the PD is the boss but I don't understand why the playlist is so tightly controlled, especially when we are in a market without competition. "

** Moral of the story** don't waste your time trying to get radio airplay. There are too many other outlets that you can use to expose your music and they don't require paying some 50 year old, out of touch PD (Program Director) who is only concerned with keeping his job.

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