Friday, August 04, 2006

My Suggestions for Bio Writing

LOL...Ok, so, I'm clicking around the web checkin' for hot new artists and something that never fails to make me laugh are these bio's written in the third person. These insanely funny Bio's usually usually go something like this:

"Hailing from somewhere between sonic decadence and inspired writing is the artist known as Stupid Bio Writer . Stupid Bio Writer started his career in the back of the classroom with a pointed dunce cap on. As a little boy Stupid (as he would become known as) always knew that he would one day do something so important that he could afford to talk about himself in the third person. Because his music is mediocre, he feels a need to make himself seem bigger than his fans, who he provides no inspiration..." Bla Bla Bla

When I was Music Director, at numerous Radio Stations, I would always make fun of the idiots who wrote, or allowed, someone to write a Bio for them, that spoke in the third person for the artist.

Here's my suggestion, do not write your Artist Bio in the third person. Fans want to feel like they know something about you - not about your publicists writing ability. If you are an aritst, you must write your Bio, in a fashion, that allows those interested in you - to learn about you.

Try something like this: "I was born and raised in Detroit. My musical influences are wide, because I grew up listening to every kind of music from Classic Rock to Disco to Motown to early punk and new wave. As I grew up I fell in love with Hip-Hop and have been producing beats every since..."

The key with writing Bio's is, truth trumps creativity. Keep it real with your Bio's and your success at impressing people will greatly improve.

Jeronimo Black
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