Monday, July 17, 2006

While chillin' with my son today, he casually said to me "Man I just want to get a record deal so I can get my music out there.." When he said that, I would have pulled out my hair if I hadn't shaved it off this morning.I told my son "it isn't really difficult to start a record label..." He then replied "I don't think I have the money to start one..." Now, I'm thinking about pulling out my eyebrows because he obviously hasn't been to my website. I have a free article that basically gives away the information on starting a record label.I informed my son that "...starting a record label only cost about $500 - max. Of course, I encouraged him to check out my website and read the article Start Your Own Record Label. I hope he checks out the article and I hope you do to.All the best,Jeronimo!!

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