Thursday, July 27, 2006

The Ugly Truth
About gifts and airplay

I'm really pissed. As I was clicking around the web today I came upon a blog that suggested that an artist can get airplay by sending pizza or some other gift to a radio station - WTF?

Providing a gift of any kind to a radio station is considered Payola - Plugola. A radio station employee (Program Director, Music Director, Air Talent etc) cannot accept any gift, from any artist, or record company in exchange for promotional consideration or airplay. No radio station (nor any smart DJ) will take the chance. Between the fines, the possible criminal record, the embarrassment and possibly ruining their career, no smart radio employee will accept your gift (or money).Don't waste your time trying to get radio airplay. I know that game and it's stacked against Indie Artists - in favor of Major Label Artists.

All the best,
Jeronimo Black

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