Monday, May 30, 2011

4 Unseen Paths To Fonzworth Bentley’s Music Biz Success

1. Create Your Space:

Be different. Fonzworth Bentley created space himself by being different. In marketing it’s called having a U.S.P. “Unique Selling Proposition“. You also may have heard of it as “positioning” in the market. Read the full article 4 Unseen Paths To Fonzworth Bentleys' Music Biz Success

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Jeremy said...

The record industry needs to find something that will save it from itself. They need to find the solution to the problem now that the problem is global and has spiraled out of control. With the economy taking such an unprecedented pounding you wouldn't lay money on the music business bouncing back anytime soon. Mutiny, the mass exodus of bands wanting to find their own solutions to the problem will inspire little confidence in an industry where artists once looked to for their mentors.

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